About Darim24.com
Our story begins at the end of 2013 year. The idea was to collect all women’s clothes and shoes in one place, we tried to make Darim24.com the start point for every girl or women, which wants to buy clothes through the Internet.
Unfortunately, we realized that we are not able to give good quality to our customers. Most of the partners sent to us not up to date “stock/instock” information, as well as to change the price without prior notice. Nevertheless, we have collected about 300.000 shoes and clothes items. It may not seems like much, but considering that it is only women’s clothing and shoes, and we have processed all Top 15 online stores.
Anyway, at the end of 2016 we decided to focus on women’s dresses. Our copywriters pick up interesting combinations, investigating real reviews of dresses, catching buyers requirements and give this information to out readers.