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Brand Babyonline
Name Babyonline Women Colorblock Wear to Work Bodycon One-piece Dress
Material 75% Cotton, 25% Polyester
Style Formal/Official/Evening Party
Features: Knee Length, Long Sleeve, with Belt
Season Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

This stylish long sleeve dress from Babyonline is a great idea for any official occasions.  It looks like a dress with jacket, but it’s a one piece. You will have incredible look thanks to geometric or flower prints. High-quality materials give an exceptional feeling of the comfort. As for the color, this dress comes in Black with Black/White  Square, Purple with Black/White  Square, Red with Black/White  Square,  Black with Red Flowers, Navy with White Flowers, Yellow with White Flowers, Yellow with White Flowers, Red with Pink Flowers, Red with Small Grid and Navy with Black/White  Rhombus . The dress also has a small belt that goes around the midsection. Plus the dress is perfect for the fall and winter seasons since the long sleeves would make you itchy in the summer time.

Combinations That Complement This Bodycon Dress

Wearing heels with this dress you can create the excellent evening look. But if you decide to choose ballet flats you’ll get good office variant. We recommend using jewelry because it can also change your look much. Massive necklace and bracelet add chic and make luxurious style. The combination of dress and slim chain help to create laconic elegant look.

Not only for office

This particular dress is also right for multiple occasions and situations in your life. For going to a business meeting or to a job interview it can  be a perfect official attire.  If you decide to spend free time with your friends, go to the party or just walk in the park, this dress will be a great solution for daily events. Using only one dress you can easy adapt to several formal or informal occasions. If you are a businesswoman, or a student, or a housewife this dress will help you to stay stylish and attractive anywhere.

Who Will Appreciate

If you prefer classic and elegant appeal style and also pay attention to comfort this type of dress will be a good choice. You are used to wearing dresses made from the highest quality of material and you will evaluate the dress. If you like slinky silhouette, this dress was created for you. If you want to receive compliments, this is what you need. Thanks to the elastic fabric you will feel completely comfortable anywhen.

Must Have Product

In conclusion, Babyonline dress combines elegant look with the original solution to make jacket and dress in one piece. Everything from the style, to the material and fit, represented perfectly. This dress is great as office variant and also as an evening look. Moreover, it can be a nice present for your mom, sister or daughter. Either way, this dress is definitely worth it.

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