Summer In Ethnic Style

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Brand Urban CoCo
Name Bohemian Neck Tie Vintage Printed Ethnic Style Summer Shift Dress
Material 100% Polyester
Style Casual/Beach/Party
Features Print, Short length, Wide fit, Three quarter sleeve, Laces at necklace
Season Summer

The represented attire can be used differently depends on your fantasy, so it can’t be named only a dress. Sure, originally this is a dress, made of really thin and light fabric, which has a few different variants of print mostly on natural or geometric formats. As were mentioned above you can wear this product as a dress, but if you are, naturally, too shy to wear a really short dress, you can use it as a tunic with jeans shirts of leggings. In generally, it’s for casual look and better for usage in warm weather.

Regular Size detail (inch./cm)

Size S M L
Bust 37-4/5″(94cm) 39-1/3″(99.1cm) 41″(104.1cm)
Shoulder 13-7/10″(33cm) 14″(35.6cm) 14-1/2″(35.6cm)
Sleeve 16-7/10″(40.6cm) 16-9/10″(40.6cm) 17-1/10″(43.2cm)
Length 31-4/5″(78.7cm) 31-4/5″(78.7cm) 31-4/5″(78.7cm)

Pattern 18 size detail (inch./cm)

Size S M L
Bust 37-2/5″(94cm) 38-9/10″(96.5cm) 40-1/2″(101.6cm)
Shoulder 13-7/10″(33cm) 14-1/10″(35.6cm) 14-1/2″(35.6cm)
Sleeve 16-1/2″(40.6cm) 16-9/10″(40.6cm) 17-3/10″(43.2cm)
Length 32-6/10″(81.3cm) 33″(83.8cm) 33-2/5″(83.8cm)

Unique Print And Design

Let’s put our attention to details – fabric, features and colors available. The dress is made from fine and high-quality polyester. Regarding the model design of the dress, all types of women’s shapes will look great in it. You will look perfect because print you chose will definitely be unique and pay everybody’s attention around just you. The best place to wear this dress on swim costume on the beach, because the fabric is a little transparent and really light, so you feel as sexy, as never felt before.

Comfort In Boho Style

The shape of dress presumes you feel as free as possible, so there are no zips or other features on the dress, which can somehow make your comfortless. The length of the dress is quite short and depends mostly on your personal high, but in general, it ends two hands before your knee. It looks amazing on any type of figure.
This dress is available in thirteen different patterns with completely different prints, which allows you to choose the best colors combinations for yourself.

For whom is this dress

This dress is created for free women from any type of surrounding, who need some space for herself to fell cozy, but light and beautiful, who need some rest from hardworking times. This dress actually is not recommended for office and special occasions and it suits better for summer relax.
As we said below, there are few possible ways you can wear this dress. So, let’s create a couple of different looks with the same dress.

Two interesting looks with Urban CoCo Dress

First Look

As a dress, you can wear it with large earrings and comfortable high platform sandals. Casual image with such attachments will transfer to perfect look for night club and high platform puts the accent on your legs. Try it!

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Second Look

As a tunic, you can combine it with shorts from jeans or stretch and pair simple sandals without a heel. This look suits wonderfully to summer evening and walks with your friends through the seaside with the cocktail.

Baifern High Waist Stretch Denim Shorts Breckelles Strappy Ankle Wrap Buckle Sandal
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Make Your Right Choice

We sincerely hope, that our recommendation and fair description of this dress will become useful for you. Remember, that you are beautiful and you should be only those things, which are able to put the accent on it.