All About Business Dress

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Name HOMEYEE Women’s Celebrity Turn Down Collar Business Bodycon Dresses
Material 65% Polyester, 30% Cotton, 5% Spandex
Color Red/Black/Blue/Carmine/Pink
Style Official, Casual
Features Long sleeves with turn-up hem, A zip on the back, Turn down collar
Season Spring, Fall

This is a classic dress, which combines itself basic principles of women’s fashion look from Coco Chanel. White collar and cuffs are the main accents on this attire – make your image fresh and enough serious.  This dress makes the wonderful transformation to school-girl style and that attracts everybody around, pushing them to say lots of compliments. That is the main point, why this dress is a great choose.

HOMEYEE Size Guide (inch.)

Size Bust Waist Hip Length Shoulder Wide Sleeve Length
S(4) 32″ 26″ 33.5″ 39″ 13″ 23″
M(6) 34″ 28″ 35.5″ 39″ 13″ 23″
L(8) 36″ 30″ 37.5″ 40″ 14″ 24″
XL(10) 38″ 32″ 39.5″ 40″ 14″ 24″
XXL(12) 40″ 34″ 41.5″ 40″ 14″ 24″

HOMEYEE Size Gude (cm)

Size Bust Waist Hip Length Shoulder Wide Sleeve Length
S(4) 81.3 66 83.8 99.1 33 58
M(6) 86.4 71.1 88.9 99.1 33 58
L(8) 91.4 76.2 94 101.6 35.6 61
XL(10) 96.5 81.3 99.1 101.6 35.6 61
XXL(12) 101.6 86.4 104.1 101.6 35.6 61

Only High-quality Fabric

Let’s start with details – fabric, features and colors available. The fabric of this dress is medium thick and good quality. By its structure it takes any body shape in a perfect form, putting your advantages in the first place and some places you are not very proud of – hide. Despite the fact that the dress’ fabric is very light, it doesn’t look cheap and will warm you enough in a cool spring weather.

Important Details

The back of the dress is equipped with a zipper, so you can easily take it on and off, even having your make up already on. The length is middle and depends mostly on your personal high, but in general, it ends around your knee.
This dress is available in few color: Red, Black, Blue, Carmine, and Pink. The most popular and classic one is, of course, black. The combination of black and white is always for winners and you will definitely fell comfortable and confident in it. The same model, but, for instance, in red color, will make your image a little sexier, but paying attention that the dress, in general, is restrained – you can easily wear it in office too.

Bodycon Dress is not only for office

The dress is created for confident and active women. It can be dressed on special occasions, on a business meetings or wedding, and at a nightclub party. Everything will decide make and jewelry you are going to combine this dress with. So, let’s create a few different images with this dress for different occasions.

Few interesting looks with HOMEYEE Dress

Office look

It presumes, that you are smart, serious, but enough creative. In this case, it’s better to take black or carmine color of the dress and wear it with high hills. It’s comfortable and beautiful for the workday. From jewelry, we recommend Pandora silver bracelet.

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Unofficial look

This image supposes you to feel beautiful and free. This look is good for a date with the boyfriend. Take pink or blue dress and do not wear high hills – you have to be prepared to everything, maybe you will walk around the city for a whole day, so ballet shoes will suits perfect here with a small bracelet.

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Look is for special dates

For example, you are invited to the Birthday party of a very influence person and you have to make an impression. For this, take a red or blue dress with light shade high hills and shined earrings.

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Good Luck in Your Choice

We sincerely hope, that our recommendation and fair description of this dress will become useful for you. Remember, that you are beautiful and this dress can put an accent on it.