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Name MUXXN Retro 1950s Style Sleeveless Slim Pencil Dress
Color Black/Burgundy/Color Blue/Yellow/Blue/Dark Green/Purple
Style Casual/Party/Cocktail/Formal/Official
Features Sleeveless, Classical Cutting, Below Knees, Zipper
Season Spring, Summer, Fall

The MUXXN Retro Style Pencil Dress is an attractive option for women who want a spicy look that is not too revealing. The dress is perfect for a wide variety of events and occupations. It is sensual enough to wear on a date and still classy enough to wear to church or to a business function. You can choose any color what you need for all occasions. For example, you may choose a white one for a wedding function or a red one for a romantic evening with you husband. The purple option is a great one that can go with well at a graduation party. This cocktail dress has many possibilities.

MUXXN Size Chart (inches)

Size Bust Waist Hip Length
S 30 – 34 24.4 – 26.3 32.3 – 34.8 41.69 – 43.25
M 34.5 – 36 26.5 – 28.3 35.03 – 36.8 42.5 – 44.06
L 36.5 – 38.19 28.74 – 30 37 – 39.5 43.25 – 44.9
XL 38.5 – 40 30.7 – 32 39.7 – 41 44.1 – 45.63
2XL 40.8 – 43 32.75 – 35 41.85 – 43 44.9 – 46.39

MUXXN Size Chart (cm)

Size Bust Waist Hip Length
S 76.2 – 86.4 61 – 66 81.3 – 86.4 104.1 – 109.2
M 86.4 – 91.4 66 – 71.1 88.9 – 91.4 106.7 – 111.8
L 91.4 – 96.5 71.1 – 76.2 94 – 99.1 109.2 – 111.8
XL 96.5 – 101.6 76.2 – 81.3 99.1 – 104.1 111.8 – 114.3
2XL 101.6 – 109.2 81.3 – 88.9 104.1 – 109.2 111.8 – 116.8

What features make this dress special?

Women love this dress option because the material stretches and fits their form perfectly. It conforms to every curve that they have. Its hourglass design narrows toward the bottom, and the length of the dress goes down past the wearer’s knees. The item comes in colors such as Yellow, White, Purple, Blue, Color Blue, Gray, Burgundy, Black, and Dark Green. It has a typical zipper closure on the back and pleats to enhance the design. The sizes range from Small to X-Large depending on the color that the shopper chooses. The Dark Green is available in every size and is perfect for the holiday season.

Mix and Match Ideas

This dress can go well with a variety of accessories such as handbags, gloves, scarves, and jewelry. White gloves would go quite well with the white dress, for example.
A nice retro handbag is always a good option with a retro-styled dress. The multicolored handbag is a perfect choice for the retro dress in any color. A vast assortment of necklaces can go with these gorgeous dresses. For example, red and black chocker can give an elegant accent to the red or black versions of the dress. A woman can select a variety of shoe types to wear with this dress. She can opt for a sizzling appearance and choose high heel shoes, or she can wear flats for a more conservative appeal.

An Overall Great Choice

This cocktail dress is a wonderful choice for women who appreciate its classic appeal and want to incorporate it into their lifestyles.  It can be a profit-making dress for women who want to wear it to work.

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