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Brand Missord
Name Women’s Sleeveless Strapless Bra Mermaid Floor Length Party Dress with Zipper
Material Polyester
Color Red/Ivory/Black/Sky Blue
Style Formal/Official/Prom/Wedding
Features Floor-Length, Sleeveless, Backless
Season Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

The Dress by Missord is so beautiful and every woman needs it in her wardrobe. The elegant silhouette is slim fitting and highlights all the curves of your body. It will be sure to attract the attention of everyone around you. This chic dress can be worn to a family holiday and to an extravagant event. It is also a preferred choice for prom, weddings, cocktail dinners, and a homecoming party.

Floor Length And Mermaid Silhouette

This sexy dress comes in a variety of colors to fit your needs and taste. It also has four different styles: skirt with cutting and without it; four types of top design. It would look stunning with added accessories to highlight the prominent figure that this dress details. The features of this dress are the floor length and the mermaid skirt style. It can make any woman feel like a princess.

Choose your Sizes

The size chart includes extra small, small, medium, and large. That’s why the variety of sizes make the dress a must have, for many females who want to look like a millionaire. This table will help you determine perfect size.

UK Standard Size (in inches)

Size Bust Waist Hip Length
XS(6) 31.4″ 25.9″ 32.2″ 62.9″-68.1″
S(8) 33″ 27.5″ 33.8″ 63.3″-68.5″
M(10) 34.6″ 29.1″ 35.4″ 63.7″-68.8″
L(12) 36.2″ 30.7″ 37″ 64.1″-69.2″

UK Standard Size (in centimeters)

Size Bust Waist Hip Length
XS(6) 78.7 cm 63.5 cm 81.3 cm 157.5 cm – 172.7 cm
S(8) 83.8 cm 68.6 cm 83.8 cm 160 cm – 172.7 cm
M(10) 83.8 cm 73.7 cm 88.9 cm 160 cm – 172.7 cm
L(12) 91.4 cm 76.2 cm 94 cm 162.6 cm – 175.3 cm


This elegant dress comes in a variety of colors to fit your mood and style. There are two different versions of Red, two different versions of Black, a Light Blue, and Ivory. You can choose one color or buy several different colors for a variety of occasions. No matter what color of the dress you choose, it will be worth the attention you receive from all of your friends and onlookers.

Accessories For The Sleeveless Dress

A dress of this magnitude would be stunning with accessories. You could wear jewelry to accent to the strapless design and high heel sandals or shoes. All this would look excellent with this type of designer party dress.


The shoes that you will choose to wear with this dress may depend on your height. The long flowing dress may drag the floor due to your height. This is the example of footwear that would look wonderful with the dress. These shoes will help to keep the dress off the floor to keep you from falling. Here is an idea of gold sandals that have a heel. It will raise you up enough to keep the dress from dragging the floor. The gold sandals will go great with any color dress you choose.


Jewelry is a great fit for the strapless dress because it focuses the skin, which ties into the appearance of this dress. Here is a look at jewelry that could be worn with this fabulous dress.

Perfect Party Variant

The Dress by Missord with is a great choice for any occasion. It will give you the amazing, beautiful appearance that you’re looking for. If you want to gain attention, this is the dress that will make that happen.

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